Lincoln Funeral Medals

Lincoln funeral medal Lincoln funeral medal




The undersigned has published a beautiful medal, two inches in diameter, of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States. On the obverse is a perfectly correct bust likeness of the President, and the device, "Abraham Lincoln, 1865." On the reverse "He is in Glory and the Nation in tears," in the centre is a broken column with flags draped, at the base "Born February 12th, 1809, assassinated, April 14th, 1865." The dies for this medal were exectued by the celebrated artist Wm. H. Keys, and has been acknowledged by the Press and distinguished men, as being the most correct likeness that has ever been published in this form. The albitinum, of which these medals are made, is as white and nearly as hard as silver, and can scarcely be distinguished from the same; it is warranted not to tarnish or become dull, but will always keep as fine as when first struck from the dies, if its surface be not handled.

Pure Silver, fine proof, $6.50
Bronze, " 1.50
White Metal, " .50

All orders will receive prompt attention and be forwarded at the above prices, post free, by addressing

JOHN W. KLINE, Medalist, No. 212 S. Eighth Street, Phiad'a, Pa.